Our Mission

The dream is simple. We give individuals the freedom to express themselves with unique designs and superior quality in order to promote the values that are important to themselves.


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    A shirt with old vintage advertisements of non-existent companies. A bag featuring a distinguished cat with a monocle and a top hat.  A phone case showcasing some cartoon characters displaying some off-colored humor.  Whatever your thing, you can get art you love on super well made products. Personal, original, and high quality?

    It’s a win-win-win.


    what makes us unique

    We pride ourselves on offering high quality products featuring our unique designs as a medium through which customers can express their passions, identity, beliefs, and humor. With our cursor on the pulse of culture and topical trends, we create new designs every day based on trending memes and events. At the Stuff and Things Company, we cover everything from kittens to politics. Our content is a reflection of the diverse artists who create it and reflects our mission to enable self-expression through exceptional design. It is a vessel for sharing human experiences, conversations, and culture. When so much of our customers’ personality is in our products, we want to treat them like a best friend. We take pride in our fast and friendly service and we want you to be happy with your experience so it is our priority to make that a reality.

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      Share your idea with us, and if we decide to use your idea in one of our designs, we will send you a shirt with your inspired design to you for free.*